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Hey guys,

We need emails of support for the NZPC against the hateful stuff that Lisa Lewis is saying in loads of Herald articles – I suspect that the reporter is somehow ‘under her spell’ goodness knows how that could ever happen

This is the last article that she had published

This is my response to the same reporter who is apparently ‘industry friendly’ and there are others who have emailed him but he says ‘No sex workers are willing to speak out against Lisa Lewis’ WHAAAAAAT – if we want her to be our spokesperson then say nothing – but I know you will all be as horrified as me – and pass this on to any sex worker with a brain and an eye for the future of the industry in their sights – we worked and fought long and hard for the PRA but nowhere as long or as hard as the NZPC have – contact Lincoln Tan at the Herald – and/or ANY reporter at Stuff or The Scoop – get the word out there about how important the NZPC are or we will be fighting ourselves for the rights they have won us – then there will be no time to promote ourselves for the work that pays our bills – let’s support those that advocate for us ALL – tell all of your sex worker friends and make up new email addresses if necessary to protect your privacy when contacting reporters – just get the word out there – but don’t do what Lisa Lewis is doing by bitching about the industry and NZPC – don’t try and bring Lisa down just say good positive stuff about NZPC – show the world we are a supportive and united industry that leads the world…… Because we do!

Who wants the Nordic Model??? I sure don’t!!!

Hi Lincoln,

My name is Mary Brennan and I run Funhouse in Wellington. I have been a Madam for 22 years and was on the parliamentary review board for five years after the reform. I want to make contact with you about the articles making headlines at the moment around the NZPC and their fight for the human rights of migrant sex workers. The behaviour of some sex workers who are calling for funding to be taken from the NZPC is appalling and should not be given air time in my opinion. I believe there was an open letter sent to the government signed by 25 people and the woman responsible is touting herself as the voice of the sex industry – well NO she isn’t, and if 25 signatures out of over 4000 sex workers in NZ is the best she can do then surely that speaks volumes and I believe that the signatures were mainly from Non-sex workers anyway, how can this be taken seriously and then make it onto the Herald?

I am appalled and worried that this vile drivel will play straight into the hands of the ‘haters’ and that the people spreading these foul ideas have no understanding of the bigger picture involved here. The NZPC do an incredible job on very little funding – they provide support, information, advocacy, health checks and much much more. They are an essential part of the ‘sex work network’ and in fact if it wasn’t for them the woman in question would not be legally able to ply her trade or complain about the things she is complaining about without legal repercussions. Surely any sane and rational person would see that the question of human rights for migrant sex workers is a ‘no-brainer’. To be deported with sex-worker on your passport and sent home in shame with fears for your future is not something anyone should want for another human being.

The NZPC are just trying to get rid of the discrimination and look out for workers who aren’t privileged enough to be NZ residents. Okay so it is illegal to work in the sex industry if you aren’t a resident but does that apply to any other industry? The NZPC aren’t trying to encourage plane loads of foreign sex workers to come here to work but just to look out for those that do end up in the sex industry. Human rights should not be withheld due to race or country of origin. To take away the threat of deportation with ‘sex worker’ stamped on your passport will not only make it safer for migrant workers but enable them to speak up about bad work practices, report abusive clients, stick to their health and safety boundaries – the exact same rights that Kiwi workers enjoy. Or if they are working illegally at least it won’t be a criminal offence and will not haunt them for the rest of their days.

In my 22 years in this industry I have worked alongside thousands of sex workers and can not remember any of them not appreciating the incredible services that NZPC provide. If anything they should be given more funding!

If you wish to contact me I can be reached on 0272517511 or by return email.

Mary Brennan

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