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What about the website

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If you’re reading this the chances are you have linked from Social Media or are a regular reader of the Funhouse Blog site, and probably recognise as one of the best websites around. Certainly the best sex industry website of an individual establishment. The internet has certainly changed the way we live, work and ...

Robin Williams

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Robin Williams’ death has struck me in an unusual manner. Ordinarily the death of someone I don’t know or haven’t met is only a passing shadow, I feel a fleeting moment of sadness, empathy for the family and friends of the departed. When a famous person dies, there is sometimes a minor, selfish feeling of ...

Brilliant but expensive

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After another lovely night with ‘Her Excellency’ it occurred to me that my engagement with sex workers has changed rather a lot. I clearly remember my first multiple hour booking and the mental thought process I went through when making the longer booking; start with a glass of wine and a chat, move to more intimate ...

Most trusted?

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I wanted to share some thoughts on theReader’s Digest most trusted list for 2014 which was published today, announcing that Politicians and Sex Workers are ranked equally lowest trusted professions. I can understand what is untrustworthy about politicians, and agree that a certain mistrust is reasonable based on the common public knowledge of politics. Contrast ...

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