My name is Mary also known as Madam Mary and Mistress Mariah.


Ever since I was a young Catholic girl growing up in Eastbourne, I have had a fascination with Mary Magdalene and why she was so maligned by the church for being a prostitute. Even though I had no idea what that word meant I knew that there was more to it than the priests and Nuns were letting on. I believe that from those early years the sex industry for me was a calling. I am a person who believes that human rights are the most important thing we can have.


I have been a Madam in the sex industry for 19 years building up two brothels to be the largest in Wellington then after the death of my first husband from cancer I stepped back into the industry managing a smaller brothel before setting up my own Dominatrix and fantasy salon in 2005.


I have also been a Dominatrix for eight years and am now renowned as the highest paid Domme in the country. With the current interest in BDSM and 50 shades of Grey, the episode of 20/20 in which I was featured had the highest viewing figures to date. I am currently writing a book about my entry into and reasons for success as Mistress Mariah, the book is as yet untitled but due for release to capture the Mothers Day market in 2015.


I was the only industry person to be nominated to the parliamentary review board in 2003 after the PRA (Prostitution Reform Act) for which I wrote a submission to the select committee.


I have become a main ‘go-to person’ for local and overseas research projects and documentaries to do with the sex industry. New Zealand’s decriminalization model is being watched by the rest of the world, as it is the most successful working model and makes human rights for those involved in the industry a very real priority.


I was also internationally misquoted all over the internet and TV3 News before the Rugby world cup about what it would mean for New Zealands sex industry economy. I am constantly battling with media hype and misinformation around my industry.


I now own a high-end escort agency and Dominatrix Salon that is nationally renowned as the nicest in the country, which translates to one of the best in the world. We are in the position of taking approximately 5% of the women that apply which puts us in the position of making everyone else pull up their sox to try and attract that many women. We are leading by example, setting new standards for the industry.






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