Will the Witch Hunt Ever Stop?

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Every time there is a big convention of any type or large gathering of people for any reason the anti-traffickers come out saying there will be an increase in trafficked persons for the purposes of prostitution.

If large gatherings of men in a city increase the employment for the local sex trade is that such a bad thing? Doesn’t that just mean those sex workers can buy extra food for their children, or pay off some more student debt or make an extra mortgage payment?

Is it really any different to the local coffee merchant having a boomer month or the cafes hiring extra staff for the duration of the event? How many of these men would knowingly support a provider that is holding and forcing women to work as prostitutes against their will? We must think very badly of men if we believe such things.

Although when we were based in Lower Hutt it was a standing joke that the Funhouse girls that travelled from the city to us to fill appointments were technically being trafficked because they travelled more than a certain distance to get to work as sex workers! Maybe that’s what this article means when it refers to trafficking!

Also presuming that adverts for limousine rides is a cover for prostitution is like saying that house cleaners and in-home carer ads are also covers for illegal sex work along with possibly many other adverts for services of any kind. Accommodation – maybe each room comes with a girl to provide sex – witch hunt!

How much better off would the world be if these narrow minded do-gooders put their time and effort into volunteering at the local SPCA or shelter for the intellectually disabled? Leave the sex work to those who want to do it and make it a more respectable industry, the sooner this happens the sooner the bad operators will be weeded out and the less opportunity there will be for those who look for the vulnerable participants.


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