The spy who came in from the cold

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Having been a Madam for 19 years I have a very good understanding of what is going on in the sex industry at any given time just by watching the advertising, discounting and behavior of other main businesses. When meeting girls who have worked at other places who have stories of horror or absurdity to share it is always taken with a grain of salt until I hear those same stories about that same place over and over and then you know there is a lot of truth in what you are being told.


This industry is my passion and I get up every morning ready to fight another day to make it a safer and happier place to be. I have Funhouse because it facilitates the setting of new standards in the industry more easily than if I was just a campaigner or an activist – as my clients say ‘I walk the walk’ daily. There are many jobs I could have that would pay me better and allow me much more freedom and much less stress but they would not allow me the ability to have a ‘hands on’ effect on the way the industry in New Zealand is progressing.


So it seriously disturbs me when a ‘mole’ is allegedly sent into our ranks to collect information for an agency that sees so many of her girls defect to us and her other rival to find out what we are doing differently. She could have just asked and I would have told her “we treat our workers as human beings, we respect their rights on all levels, we support, nurture and care for their safety and wellbeing in every aspect of their life that we have contact with”. Isn’t that what you do when you manage people?


She certainly didn’t risk the young woman being turned away as she chose her most beautiful to be the bait, but really what did she hope to learn?


She already knows where we are as it has not escaped my attention that every time we have one of her girls defect to us I see her almost every time I leave the building or glance out of my office window, sitting in a nearby café looking our way, or sitting in her car in our street. Is she watching us to see how many jobs they get and which of ‘Her’ clients are visiting them I wonder?


But sending a young woman with a huge online presence and a promising career ahead of her into the enemy camp is in my opinion a misguided, selfish and typically narcissistic thing to do and exactly why I tried to warn this young woman before I realized she was just a spy. Why would you want to work for someone who has so little regard for your privacy and safety and allows, or more likely encourages you to put yourself in this position? Thankfully it is the snake that sent the spy to the lambs and not the other way around so ‘little spy’ your secret is safe with us, but please in future don’t be so quick to trust someone who is so much older than you and is still willing to risk your future for her ego.


Back in the ‘old days’ if someone was taking all of your business or you got greedy and wanted to take theirs or you had a beef with someone in the industry there would be a fire bombing. The reason our insurance is 40% more than any other industry to this day. Even though I have worked in the industry now for 19 years it has never been the type of behaviour I would have engaged in anyway, I don’t believe in underhandedness, petty revenge or smear campaigns.


I like to keep it honest and open and sometimes my honesty can confuse people because it is a rare enough commodity in any area but in our industry the level of honesty I am renowned for is almost unheard of. I am also an extremely good judge of character and I have very strong and reliable gut instinct but even I can be fooled, once!


When someone sends their prettiest girl to two of their rivals on a fact finding mission pretending she is looking for work and guidance to me smacks of desperation, paranoia and an inability to understand that YOU are why your business is failing.



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