Money isn’t everything

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Generally people imagine girls become sex workers to make loads of money, why else would they do this right? But for some girls it is a lifestyle choice that is as much about freedom and fun as it is about making enormous amounts of money.

Funhouse girls for instance – all of them have many other choices for work, many of them are still at uni and some are working other jobs or have their own business. All Funhouse girls without exception have chosen this lifestyle because it suits them at the moment and they love the work. They actually fully enjoy what they do, or most of it, rat-bag clients who try and push boundaries are a pain in anyone’s work day but thankfully we don’t get many of them and we certainly don’t allow them back to try it all over again.

Because our rules around accepting work are very relaxed (as mentioned in a previous post) our ladies are not motivated by enormous amounts of money but rather a quality lifestyle that affords them freedom to pursue personal pastimes and usually to have no student debt and a good living wage. These ladies have complete control over their working life and what they are willing to do and when and with whom, they are very well paid, pampered by the Madam, nurtured and appreciated.

It all sounds too good to be true really but it isn’t, this is a side effect of a decriminalized sex industry in a country that allows people human rights and considers sex workers human. New Zealand continues to be in a tiny minority of countries that see sex workers as human and even then there are people in this country that think all human rights should be taken away again and the industry and people like me who prey on innocent young women should be thrown in prison.

Imagine a world where women are legally and safely allowed to do a job that they enjoy, that pays them well and gives them a type of confidence brought about by no other job, part time work that keeps them out of debt and allows them time to study to become the countries bright future. A place where men and women of different backgrounds and social, romantic and physical development can all enjoy intimacy and time spent with another warm body enjoying what each other has to offer. Money for sex and intimacy, a human need being met by a human desire to meet that need.

Where is the harm?



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