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For me the sex industry is a passion, always has been and always will be….I can’t see that changing any time soon. This blog site has been set up to allow me to share my commentary on the industry here in New Zealand and what I see happening in it, around it and because of it. There is so much more to this industry than most people realize and the only way you can possibly understand it is to work in it. If you don’t work in it please don’t attempt to judge, predict or preach about us.


Someone once said that the most honest conversation a man can have is with his Madam. Thus Gentlemen prefer Madams was born, this is a site to inform, educate and entertain those of you with an interest in the REAL sex industry or a passion for finding the truth.


One of my biggest pleasures is dispelling myths about the industry and the people in it, most people only know what they see through the media and what the media want you to see is the sensational stuff. The things that make you cringe or the things that back up your belief that the sex industry is a bad, dirty and dangerous place inhabited by damaged, drug addicted women with no other choices left to them, sleazy disrespectful clients that prey on these women and the pimps that make an enormous amount of money off their backs.


Take a look at this oldest profession through my eyes for a while and see if there isn’t more to it than meets the eye. Help me spread the good word about the positive aspects of this misunderstood line of work and together we can make it a happier, safer place.


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