Giving of time

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So when I got the call from Radio NZ asking if I would be happy to be involved in a multi-media coverage of the NZ sex industry of course I said ‘Yes’. I always say ‘Yes’ as I take it all very personally and will do anything needed to be able to give my time, knowledge and experience for the good of the industry I love so much.


Providing a client interview, multiple photos, advice on where else to approach to get a great view of how good it can be and how far out of the realm of possibility it is in most peoples minds that this industry is a happy, safe and positive experience for the women working in it, are all in a days work for me when pushing for wider acceptance of what we do.


We also had an international photographer here on the first day of the filming working around the RNZ video journalist, taking 6 hours worth of photos for his eventual exhibition fighting for the rights of sex workers worldwide by using the amazing New Zealand working model of decriminalisation and places such as ourselves to show how wrong the rest of the world are about their view on the sex industry.


I hope you all have listened to the podcast series we all worked so hard to make happen.



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