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In order to help answer the question I get asked so often – “What makes a Funhouse girl?” here is a reply to a gorgeous young woman who applied to work with us that shows, in part anyway what I rely on my gut instinct for when I go out to meet with applicants.


Hi *******,


As promised here I am. I have slept on our meeting and been over the conversation several times to pull apart the bits that matter and I have decided that I won’t take you on, mainly due to the fact that I don’t actually believe you should be looking to become a sex worker. I know you are keen to make some quick money but your language demonstrated to me that your head is not in the right place to be a working girl.


I believe you are trying to convince yourself that it will be OK because you have gotten to this place financially and need a quick fix which is not a good enough reason to do this and certainly not at Funhouse. Sounds crazy I know because most people can’t see any other reason for doing this than quick money, but we have created an environment where women who actually love what they do and the freedom it gives them can work and lead really happy, healthy, debt free lives and leave the industry when they feel the need with a good memory of it all.


Unfortunately I fear that if you go ahead with this you will do it for a short time, dislike yourself and all involved in the exercise and then look back on the industry with regret and negative emotion. That is the attitude we are fighting internationally as it has been happening for a long time and that is why governments all around the world are adopting new and even more stupid laws around prostitution. I guess by now you are thinking ‘Geez I only wanted a job, not a lecture’ but I love this industry it is my passion and I fight to make it a better place and as an agency and a country we are making headway.


I suggest if you really must do it then work somewhere like ************** where attitude matters less cos the clients are half drunk anyway, make some quick money and get out before it eats you up.


You are a beautiful and obviously smart young woman, I think you will be doing yourself a disservice doing this, or certainly doing it for long. You may think I am wrong but I am just expressing what I saw.


Please think this through carefully before pursuing it.


Take care and good luck









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